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Founded on March 21, 2007, AZ is located in the National Health Technology Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. We are a leading international health food manufacturer, which have 1,600 m2 Softgel workshop and 2,200 m2 warehouse. The production workshops meet the requirements of GMP and has passed ISO9001 and HACCP certification.

Now we have 3 the world advanced level Korean Softgel production line , the annual output reach 1.5 billion. It is equipped with 80 production personnel and 10 quality inspection personnel.We have 10 approvals on health product, 17 standards for food enterprise, 11 registered  trademarks and 12 patents.

AZ has a technical and experienced management team in Softgel production, which can produce capsules of different specifications, shapes and colors according to customer requirements.We have the capacity to research product formulas as customer requirements with good technical service and strive for the high-quality products that customers are satisfied with.Business scope: OEM/ODM Health Food, Registration of minerals and vitamins, Processing after approval, SC products Cosmetics processing, etc.

We guarantee to complete the order according to the contract on time, quantity and quality and strive for the satisfaction from customer. We hope to achieve the win-win cooperation!


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